Fernanda Trevellin, born in São Paulo, lives and works in Berlin.

Exhibitions (selection)

2018  Prime Matter. Welt ohne Außen. Martin-Gropius-Bau. Berlin, Germany.

2017  Jungbrunnen #teetontalk. Festival of Future Nows. Hamburger Bahnhof. Berlin, Germany.

2015  Pachamama. Festival Food Art. Healing Garden. Berlin, Germany.

2014  Einklang - Unison, Festival of Future Nows. Neue National Galerie, Berlin, Germany.

2014  Mineral Filter Inselbrücke. Korea-Deutschland Festival. Berlin, Germany.

2013  Light trail. Solo exhibition. Central Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.

2013  Flow. Central Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.

2013  Aqua Vitae. AGORA Collective. Berlin, Germany.

2013  Synchronous - Kinderkeller Group exhibition. Spandau, Germany.

2012  Coffee Impulsive System. Central Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.

2012  Fluid Structures. Group exhibition Positioning Osmotic Impulses. Berlin, Germany.

2012  Coffee Impulsive System. SP ARTE. São Paulo, Brazil.

2012  Perpetual Frequency II. Universität der Künste. Berlin, Germany.

2011  Ressonanz. Solo exhibition. Central Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.

2011  Perpetual Frequency. Universität der Künste. Berlin, Germany.

2011  The nine worlds. Exhibition Without Destination. Reykjavik Museum, Iceland.

2010  Bel_Vedere. Absolvent exhibition. Universität der Künste. Berlin, Germany.

2010  Bel_Vedere. Pfefferberg’s cellar. Institut für Raumexperimente. Berlin, Germany.

2009  Is there anybody at home? Exhibition GEIST. Berlin, Germany.

2009  Tri_Unity. DOM GOLD Exhibition. Cathedral Berliner Dom. Berlin, Germany.

2008  Vile, mon amour! Laurent Dejente Studio. Lille, France.

2008  Passage. École des Beaux Arts. Tourcoing, France.


2011  Meisterschülerin. Institut für Raumexperimente, Prof. Olafur Eliasson. UdK. Berlin, Germany.

2008  Bachelor Fine Arts. École de Beaux Arts. Tourcoing, France.

2004  Panamericana. School of Design and Arts. São Paulo, Brazil.

2004  Bachelor Business Administration. Fundação Getúlio Vargas. São Paulo, Brazil.

2002  Bachelor Public Relations. Communication and Art School. University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Publications, Grants, Prizes

2014  Prize Jaqueline Diffring Foundation. Neue National Galerie. Berlin, Germany.

2012  Publication Positioning Osmotic Impulses. SAVVY Contemporary. Berlin, Germany.

2011  Nominated for the Preis des Präsidenten. University of Arts (UdK). Berlin, Germany.

2010  Publication Otto Rössler: Impossible Talks. Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin, Germany.

2008  Prize Félicitations DNAP. École de Beaux Arts. Grant AREA. Tourcoing, France.


Fernanda Trevellin (b. 1980, São Paulo, Brasil) is an artist working on a symbolic and also perceptual level through a collection of not only images, but also of materials: earth, minerals, water, and synthetic resources. All of these components function as a secular iconography, aiming to lead one’s relationship to these cultural and/or natural elements to gain a solemn and primordial meaning. Her objects, photographs, installations, and even her studio itself often refer to ancient curious cabinets - as if trying to perceive the world by recovering it from the beginning of its operation in the modern era, yet still seeking new directions. She plays with the notion of feeling her studio to be a laboratory, and an uncertainty of whether she is an artist or a scientist. Her work, correspondingly, well endorses the interchange between these fields of knowledge.


Trevellin first studied art at the University of Fine Arts Tourcoing in France, and later earned a Meisterschülerin title from the University of Arts Berlin, in the class of Olafur Eliasson. She was nominated for the UdK Berlin 2011 Meisterschülerpreise, and continues to work with Eliasson’s UdK-affiliated interdisciplinary project “Institut für Raumexperimente”. Before moving to Europe to pursue her art education, Trevellin graduated in Business Administration from the School Fundação Getúlio Vargas, FGV (2004), and pursued simultaneous Communication and Art Studies at the Escola de Comunicação e Artes at the University of São Paulo, ECA-USP. Her work has been exhibited at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin (2018), Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Contemporary Art (2017), the Neue National Galerie of Berlin (2014) and the Central Gallery of São Paulo (2013). Trevellin lives and works in Berlin.